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Apigility and constant 403 Forbidden


I was enabling authentication on an Apigility API and no matter what I did I couldn’t authenticate my requests. I would constantly get a 403 forbidden. Turns out the problem was that Apache was stripping the Authorization header so apigility was even aware that a authorised request was even being attempted. The solution was to explicitly Read More


Managing forked ZF2 modules with composer


You’re using composer for your dependency management in your shinny new ZF2 project. Then you notice an issue in a thrid-party module you’re using. You fork it and submit a pull request. I’ve done this for a few modules recently, and while waiting for the PR to be accepted I simply cloned my fork into my vendors directory. This becomes a pain Read More


Adding your ZF2 module to packagist.org


I created my first ZF2 (Zend Framework 2) module called BgOauthProvider. I versioned it on GitHub and added it to modules.zendframework.com. All was well. But at the back of my mind it was niggling me that it couldn’t be deployed and managed via composer. I’d had very little experience with composer (other than it was working), Read More