I’ve added wripl to my site


Today I’ve added the wripl wordpress plugin to my website. Wripl is a startup I’m working on, wripl centers around the idea of making the web more personal. Wripl gleans your interests from your activity on a web page, and uses this information to recommend other content on that site which you may be interested in.

Wripl hase two key differentiators to other similar offerings

  1. You have control of your interests – you can add, delete, manipulate etc
  2. You interests will work for you across other sites, so for example you read about ZF2 here, and go to another tech site with wripl enabled and it might start recommending php articles etc.

Screen Shot of wripl control

Wripl is still in early stages, but we’re looking for trial sites at the moment to help mold wripl. If you have a wordpress blog, or are interested in playing with the API, get in touch with me on twitter.